Saturday, August 24, 2019

Effective content solutions to help you engage valuable audiences in a meaningful way.

We believe in connecting people who lead international lives to the world around them. We believe that the better you understand the world around you, the more you can contribute to it.

We have collected some information about the various different ways in which we work with our clients, along with some details about our audience. Please click on the panels below to see what we do – and then let’s talk.


Next2Dubai serves mobile-first, high-income millennials searching for culture.

Our readers have influential jobs in forward-looking sectors and an outward-facing perspective on life that makes them internationally adaptable. They want their news to be sourced locally, not delivered through the filter of a national news brands.

Content Sponsorship

You can associate your brand or product with a place, genre or trend by sponsoring successful content from existing posts. This is the perfect collaboration with our clients. With custom-produced sponsored content we can combine our clients’ knowledge of their products and their markets with our knowledge of our readers and what content works for them.

We will work with you find the best angle, format and voice for your message. Then we will create the content, publish it on our sites and promote it through our social media channels. And once the content is out there, our team will optimise continuously to drive the response you need, whether that is awareness, influence, leads or orders.

Native Content

Many of our readers already know what they want to say and how they want to say it. So guest posts allow you to engage deeply with our high value audience in an editorial environment. Using an editorial format rather than a banner ad means you can offer your target audience some value, perhaps in the form of advice or entertainment, as the starting point of your relationship. It’s a simple process: you provide the content, we publish and promote it.

Classic Ads

We offer a range of banner formats allowing you to reach our valuable international audience with a powerful call to action.

Desktop Leaderboard: 728px x 90px
Three leaderboard positions on each page, with placements above and below articles.
Sidebar: 300px x 250px
Banner options on home and article pages.

Find out how you can reach Next2Dubai’s audience. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch.

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